Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry

Available exclusively to prime members only, you can find Prime Pantry online at or shop on the free Amazon app. The purpose of Prime Pantry is for you to buy what you need, when you need it. The groceries and household products are purchased in everyday package size.

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Why use Prime Pantry?

Prime Pantry provides consumers with an easy and convenient way to grocery shop. Amazon remembers and keeps record of previous boxes that you have purchased, and makes it simple to re-order your regular items. So if you come up with the perfect Prime Pantry box that fits all of your grocery and product needs, Amazon makes it easier than ever to order them again.

How it works
Prime vs. Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is available for Amazon Prime members only. Meaning, if you have a prime membership, you are able to purchase items through Prime Pantry. There is a flat rate shipping cost of $7.99 per order.

However, Amazon has an exclusive Prime Pantry membership that Amazon Prime members can sign up for. The cost to be a Prime Pantry member is only an additional $4.99 per month. If you add your Amazon Prime and Pantry Prime memberships together, it equals to a total of $17.98 a month for both (billed separately). Shipping for Prime Pantry members is slightly different. Since you pay $4.99 a month, all orders over $40 through Amazon Prime Pantry have free shipping. However, if the order is under $40, there is still a flat rate shipping cost of $7.99.

Something to take note of is that the shipping rules and regulations explained above are for Prime Pantry only and do not apply to your regular Amazon purchases. Your Prime Pantry boxes use ground shipping and may take 1-4 business days to arrive. If you order other Amazon products with your prime pantry items, they may come at different times.

Amazon Deals and Savings

Through Amazon Prime Pantry, there are many ways and options for you to save money. If you go on and search Prime Pantry coupons, on the page it will give you the option to look through all of Amazon’s coupons and deals. Here is how amazon coupons work.

  1. Search for Amazon Prime Pantry coupons
  2. Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry 1

  3. Load the site that stores all the available coupons.
  4. Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry 2

  5. Clip the coupons that you want to use
  6. Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry 3

  7. Add those items into your cart
  8. Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry 4

  9. Proceed to check-out and watch all the savings happen
  10. Using Coupons with Amazon Prime Pantry 5

Do not be worried when you are in your shopping cart looking at your items and it displays the original price. The screen will also show that your coupon is there, and all of your savings will be applied once you check out.>

Other saving options are when Amazon offers special promotions. During the time of this writing, Amazon had a promotion where you can buy 5 select items, and receive $6 off. There is also sometimes a no rush shipping option that allows for some credit to be put toward your next purchase.

With everything said, there are many great ways for you to be able to save on grocery items with Amazon Prime Pantry. While some of their prices may be higher than others, sometimes the convenience of Prime Pantry is worth the extra money. For other great Amazon deals, check out our deals