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Accident to Heroin

Jason Ramirez March 3, 2019 23 Comments


How quick is an addiction? Scenario 2 A beautiful day out in California. Mom just dropped her two children at grandmas for the night. She’s all dolled up and ready for the night. It’s 10-years she’s been married and out to celebrate with her husband for the night. They’re out having a great dinner at […]


4 Simple Factors in Addiction

Jason Ramirez February 24, 2019 6 Comments

4 Common Factors to Beating Addiction Okay, you know someone that you love and care about has a substance abuse problem. Now your thinking how can I help? Let me tell you this first before you go around trying to help a friend or loved one out of their situation. They have to want help […]


You Killed Someone

Jason Ramirez February 17, 2019 22 Comments


Scenario 1 You get into your car one night and drive off from a night of drinking at the bar or your buddies house. You didn’t see the car coming, and it hit you. The speed wasn’t that significant, but a crash is a crash right? There was one previous DUI in the past, and […]


Know What You Want To Achieve

Jason Ramirez February 15, 2019 10 Comments


Would you take off on a cross country trip without a particular destination in mind? You’ll most likely wind up having a lot of fun but you’ll also end up where you probably get into the most trouble as addicts. Same with life right? The fate of that trip rests entirely on the unmade-up minds […]


Is Motivation A Myth?

Jason Ramirez February 3, 2019 37 Comments

motivation the myth

mo·ti·va·tion (mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n) noun the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”Perhaps you need some motivation to do what you should” Motivation A Myth Imagine your house is on fire right now and you’re outside while your suitcase containing all your life savings is in the same house, would you go in for the […]