National Herbs and Spices Day June 10th

National Herbs and Spices day is observed on June 10th of each year. This is the season for growing fresh herbs and spices that pack a punch in whatever it is that we cook.

As we all know, herbs and spices have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. Besides making food taste delicious, they also have specific health benefits.

The smells of spices and herbs are another excellent benefit, especially if you grow your own.

Spices come from all over the world Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Carribean, Latin America, European, Sri Lankin, and of course Indian spices.

My Favorite spice of all time is Cinnamon, and I love it in the mornings with a 1/4 cup of hot chocolate and 3/4 cup black strong as I can get black coffee with a tablespoon of cinnamon.

It can also lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and well a bunch of other health benefits I won’t mention here, but you can read about here.

Ginger is also an excellent herb or spice that depends on who you speak with. It has low nutritional value but packs a flavor punch.

(irrelevant fact here; I used to work at a place called The Ginger People in Marina, CA)

Ginger also has marvelous health benefits that are proven. Ginger has a long history of traditional and alternative medicines. Here are a few examples most already know about, and if you don’t, please read on.

  1. helps digestion
  2. reduces nausea
  3. helps fight the flu and cold
  4. helps reduce muscle pain and soreness
  5. help prevent and fight cancer cells

That last one is my favorite; I’ve made a mess of research on what natural herbs and spices help fight cancer. My mother has stage 4 lung cancer and have found that eastern medicines work the best, but I’m no medical doctor, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself on that.

Herbs smell great as oils (well that depends on the person), and I love the smell of mint and lemongrass.

I would love to hear what herbs and spices you enjoy in the comments down below.

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June 10th is herbs and spices day you can observe it on social media with the #HerbsAndSpicesDay.


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