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All About Ebates How It Works and Advantages on Shopping Ebates

If you are not familiar with online shopping and how you can earn cash back, now is the time. Just the thought of making a portion of your money back which you spent shopping seems too good to be true.

However, yes, it’s happening at ebates. It’s a website which pays you a cashback reward if you shop on its website using hundreds of online stores.

Ebates was founded in 1999 and has more than 10 million users to date. Since its inception, it has paid more than $1 billion in cash back rewards.

It has taken the world by storm through its fantastic cashback offers. There are many affiliate links to websites where you can shop, including some huge names such as Amazon, best buy, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Macy’s, old navy, and many more.

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By affiliate means that ebates receives a commission for referring you to a specific store for shopping. You pay the same price through ebates or the website you want to buy from no hidden fee’s.

They are affiliated with more than 2000 online stores which offer you substantial shopping choices. Whether you are a regular shopper, a family looking to save money or a student, earning an extra buck pleases everyone.

So here we will see how ebates works and how we can benefit from shopping here.

How it Works

The first step to getting started at ebates is to create an online account. Account creation is free of cost, and anyone can register on this website.

You need a valid email address to verify your details. A valid email ID is also essential to get your cash back checks or deposit.

You will also get $10 just for signing up here. Isn’t it amazing?

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Once you are done with registering, you will have access to the coupon codes. You can start by searching through stores. After you have found your favorite store, you will see a list of available coupon codes.

Make your purchases, and after a few days, your cash back will start showing in your account. Ebates will pay you a portion of the commission they will get from the retailer for referring you to their store.

Your cash back check or deposit will be sent to you every three months. Ebates has specific dates to disburse cash back amounts among its users. These dates are May 15, August 15, November 15, and February 15.

So don’t forget to make your online purchase’s with ebates so that your cash back account does not stay empty.

Don’t forget to add ebates extension and app for easy access every time you shop. Firefox, chrome, and internet explorer, all offer a toolbar extension and android and apple to help you find stores that are available to you.

When you can get a cashback amount in your account, it will tell you to go back to the site and make a purchase through their link.

What we look for when we shop online:

  • Variety of products
  • Quality products
  • Discount offers/coupons
  • Possibilities to avail discounts before anyone else
  • Secure payments
  • Customer-retailer relationship
  • Excellent customer support

Advantages of using Ebates

  • Ebates is Free to use.

Unlike other websites, ebates is free. There are no registration charges and no hectic forms to fill out when you sign up here. Instead, you get $10 as a welcome bonus.

  • Cash Back Offers

One of the significant advantages of shopping at ebates is that you get a portion of your money back in your account. Ebates is indeed the most irresistible offer ever made by an online shopping platform.

The best thing is that it doesn’t cost you anything to shop here, except that it takes a few minutes of your time to log in to the website and find your favorite store.

You can also minimize this time by installing the ebates extension in your browser or getting the app on your phone. Once it becomes routine, you won’t even notice the time you spend there.

You can save a bunch of money by shopping here.

  • Signup Bonus

After you have created your account on ebates, you will get a signup bonus of $10. You have the choice to add this amount into your site account or claim a $10 gift card from Walmart.

To use this welcome bonus, you need to make purchases of at least $25 within the first 90 days of your account creation. So why are you still waiting?

  • Low and Compatible Prices

Ebates has relationships with more than 2000 online stores, and the majority of them have tight competition. You will find very comparable prices on this platform that you can compare with other store’s prices.

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  • Earn by Referring a Friend

Yes, you heard it right. Ebates offers $25 for everyone who refers a friend. Can you beat that? Just imagine seeing ten friends, and you will earn $250.

You will get $25 for every qualified shopper. Once the friend you have referred made purchases of $25 or above, you will get $25 straight in your account.

How simple is that? You have to make sure that the referral signs up before the 90-day referral period ends.

  • Clear Instructions

Once you click on your favorite store to shop, you will see a clear list of the amount you will get back on each product and the ones who do not display any amount are the ones who do not offer any cashback.

There are no hidden charges on ebates, and I think this is what makes this place even more reliable and transparent. You will know how much you will get back before you also make a purchase.

  • Wide Variety of Items

As we have stated earlier, ebates has more than 2000 stores on its list and offers a wide variety.

Instead of hovering over multiple sites one by one, you can get your hands on a wide range of stores all at one place. Prices are comparable in a swift manner, thus saving a lot of your time and energy.

  • Best Customer Support

Ebates offers the best customer service to its customer 24/7. The team is always ready to answer all your questions and solve your issues as soon as possible.

So if you have any problems, fill out the form, and their team will get in touch with you in no time.

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  • Promotional Email Notifications

Once you have signed up at ebates, you will see regular promotional emails about the current or latest deals directly in your email. You will be notified about the cash back updates as well.

Ebates is a simple to use cashback website.

It doesn’t cost you anything to shop here; instead, it saves a lot of your time, which you will spend visiting different sites.

It’s best to stay organized and shop from the comfort of your home and get cash back from each purchase. Since it’s free to use and you have nothing to lose, why not give it a try?

Don’t you want to earn something back out of your purchase? Just sign up today, and you won’t regret it.



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